China Stories May 20

On Monday, the U. S. Department of Homeland Security expressed ‘strong concerns’ that Chinese-made drones, including DJI’s aircraft, could potentially be sending sensitive flight information to their China-based manufacturers, where it could be accessed by the Chinese government. The warnings from DHS follow the executive order from President Trump against Huawei and are the latest development in the escalating trade war between the United States and China.

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China Stories November 21, 2018

The China Helicopter Research and Development Institute (CHRDI) announced earlier this week that China has developed the X-M20 “Crane”, a small drone that has a ceiling of more than 16,000 feet. A distinctive pitch control technology makes the electric drone unique according to CRHDI, China’s leading helicopter research organ of Avicopter under the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

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DJI Mavic Pro

China Stories November 12, 2018

China weaponizes drones and has developed both large stealth drones as well as smaller unmanned aircraft that can be armed with AK-47s or any other weapon of choice. Earlier this week during the China air show in the city of Zhuhai, China unveiled the drones to challenge the US dominance of the UAV market. One of the unmanned aircraft that got a lot of attention during the air show is the new CH-7 or Caihong-7 stealth combat drone. It has a wingspan of 72 feet and is larger than most combat jets. It is said to be capable of traveling at speeds of over 500 miles an hour and after altitudes of over 46,000 feet. The first test flights are scheduled for next year.

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China Stories June 25, 2018

Last Friday, the 2018 World Drone Congress and the Third Shenzhen International UAV Expo 2018 kicked off, displaying hundreds of different types of drones. The three-day event showed highlighted the booming drone industry in China and how the various types of drones might impact our day to day lives at some point.

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China Stories June 4, 2018

DJI released a short film, called: The Teacher. The film is almost 15 minutes long and it seems as if no expenses were spared in the making of this Chinese martial arts ‘movie’. Presumingly, DJI products were used in the making of the video even though it is not specifically mentioned. It would make sense however that DJI products, such as a Ronin Gimbal, Inspire 2 drone, Zenmuse X7 camera and maybe even the DJI Master Wheels were used. There is a lot of action-packed martial arts fighting going on and if you have 15 minutes to spare the film is definitely worth watching.

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China Stories May 15, 2018

The Chinese police are investigating a situation in which a Chinese toddler incurred facial injuries from an ‘out-of-control’ drone ‘flown by expat teen’. After the young boy was hit by the unmanned aerial vehicle, the drone pilot, a 14-year-old expat with blond hair according to eyewitnesses, grabbed the aircraft and fled the scene.

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