New Technology Stories April 8

A Canadian firm that’s been working on solutions to an industry-wide problem – noise – has just won a startup competition. And the prize is worth $25,000.

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New Technology Stories April 4

The world has come to rely on integrated circuits, the microprocessors doing the grunt work in much of our daily home life. There’s currently a shortage – and that’s already impacting some aspects of the drone world.

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New Technology Stories March 11

A US firm called Windhover Labs has announced the upcoming availability of its first hardware product. It’s a onboard flight computer that can be used in commercial drones and even satellites. It will be releasing a low-cost consumer model, as well as professional models the company says have “features that facilitate integration into the National Air Space.”

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New Technology Stories February 15

A San Francisco-based company has announced the availability of a new power cell that uses high-capacity ultracapacitors. That means it’s capable of delivering large quantities of energy in an instant yet requires minimal time for recharging.

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New Technology Stories January 22

Delson Aeronautics Quiet Propellors

Let’s face it: A lot of drones are pretty noisy. This is of particular concern for delivery in urban areas. A Canadian company believes it has the answer.

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New Technology Stories January 21

A South Korean company says its fuel cell technology provides enough energy to sustain two-hour drone flights. And it says it’s already made flights to prove it.

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