Startup eyes longer drone flights with remote, wireless power

remote power drone flights

Limited battery capacity has been the primary brake on operating longer drone flights, but tech developed by a Washington state company may hold the key to powering UAV longer – perhaps indefinitely – through its remote charging application.

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Startup seeks to revolutionize drone flight with hybrid electric generators

It’s hardly breaking news that battery life limitations are one of the biggest brakes on expanded individual drone missions and wider deployment by businesses. But California startup LaunchPoint Electric Propulsion Solutions thinks its hybrid electric generators will soon extend craft operation and increase payload hauls with one simple fix.

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Dumb streetlights are being turned into smart, sustainable drone charging docks

A pair of partnering companies is working to allow drones to recharge their batteries while docked atop specially equipped streetlights. Who needs droneports, anyway?

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NYC startup thinks XXL-big with 40 passenger eVTOL drone service

If you’re going to think new, think new really big. That’s the attitude of New York startup Kelekona, which plans to produce an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) craft capable of transporting 40 people, or 10,000 lbs. of cargo.

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Aura Aerospace announces ‘breakthrough’ eVTOL power cell

A San Francisco-based company has announced the availability of a new power cell that uses high-capacity ultracapacitors. That means it’s capable of delivering large quantities of energy in an instant yet requires minimal time for recharging.

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New Spark Portable Power Pack – DJI website is unclear about what is in the box

DJI launched a few new accessories for the DJI Spark (still priced at $399!), our favorite mini-drone. Last week they introduced the Spark Portable Power Charging Station for USD $89, which is a battery-powered charger for up to three Spark batteries. The charger itself can be fully charged in 1 hour and 35 minutes and can in turn charge up to three Spark batteries in 2.5 hours with its own 5000 mAh battery.

This week DJI introduces the Spark Portable Power Pack for USD $139 but the DJI website is unclear about what you will be getting when you buy this item.

Update: DJI updated their website on 11/30. The Spark Portable Power Pack does include two batteries.

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