Developer uses drone and AI to find and recognize SOS messages

Developer uses drone to find and recognize SOS messages

Here’s a cool story of drones being used for good! A developer is using aerial images taken with a drone, a DJI Mavic Pro (DJI, Amazon) in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) software to recognize SOS messages painted on the streets in Puerto Rico.

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FAA approves AT&T’s COW drone for Puerto Rico

The FAA approved AT&T’s “Cell on Wings” drone, we reported on here, for use in Puerto Rico. The drone is a Pulse Vapor 55 that can operate as a flying cell tower and quickly restore cellular phone service in disaster-stricken areas. AT&T calls their drone the Flying COW for Cell on Wings. It was developed by AT&T to fly up to 200 feet above the ground and can provide voice, data and Internet service for 40 square miles.

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AT&T deploys helicopter drone to restore cellular service in Puerto Rico

This week AT&T, deployed its helicopter Flying COW (Cell on Wings) for the first time ever. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, 48% of the cell sites in Puerto Rico is still out of service. Cellular company AT&T launched their Flying COW on Tuesday in an effort to re-establish connectivity throughout the area. This is the first time a drone equipped with cellular technology has been used successfully to provide data, voice, and text services to customers after a disaster.

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