Drones to the Rescue Stories May 17

Drone leads the way to safety for stranded hikers and injured dog

Two hikers and an injured dog had lost their way after five hours hiking in New Mexico Otero Canyon. Not knowing how to get back, they called 911 and asked for help. When the firefighters had located the hikers and were escorting them back to safety, they lost their way as well. At that moment a first responder used his personal drone to lead the group back to base.

Drones to the Rescue Stories April 30

DJI just released a new report that shows that 65 people have been rescued by drones over the course of last year. Combined with data from a previous report, DJI claims that 124 people in total have been saved by unmanned aerial vehicles around the world. Many of the situations where drones came to the rescue have been covered here on DroneDJ, such as the case of the unconscious man who was found in a ditch, or the swimmers who were thrown a flotation device from a drone, or the 86-year old man who was found in a field. Since no register exists where drone rescue missions are tracked, the actual number of people saved by unmanned aircraft is likely to be higher.

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Drones to the Rescue Stories April 26

More and more drones are being used to save people’s lives. We have reported on a number of cases where drones came to the rescue and made the difference between life and quite possibly death. Take a look at some of these cases where a drone saved a man from hypothermia, found an 86-year old man who was lost, are able to hear people buried in the rubble after an earthquake or send edible drones to people in need of food. There are many ways in which drones can help save people’s lives. Today we learn about a heroic Icelandic drone rescue that took place in 2016 and for which the rescue team received an award at the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) Awards ceremony in Ljubljana, Slovenia. DJI and EENA also announced that they will extend their partnership to further improve the software and hardware required for search and rescue drones.

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Drones to the Rescue Stories March 19

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) just approved first responders at the fourth busiest airport in the world, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to fly their drones directly over the airfield. DFW Airport will be the first airport in the US that is allowed to do so.

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Drones to the Rescue Stories March 1

What can be a very effective, fast and affordable way to reach people in need? You guessed, right. Drones. Zipline has been using drones successfully in over thousands of missions to bring blood and medical supplies to people in need in Rwanda and Google has been delivering burritos by drone. Now an English start-up wants to bring humanitarian aid to people in need with edible drones.

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Drones to the Rescue Stories February 26

A police drone outfitted with an infrared camera, helps locate the unconscious victim of a car crash freezing to death with hypothermia in a six-feet deep ditch in the middle of the night. The drone was sent into action after the victim was seen walking away from a car accident on the A16 near Ludborough south of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, where a car had flipped onto its side. Within minutes of the DJI Inspire drone taking off, the man was located.

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