Samsung begins to deliver Galaxy products by drone in Ireland

Samsung Galaxy drone Ireland

Samsung Electronics Ireland has signed a deal with drone delivery company Manna Aero to deliver its Galaxy phones by drone. The new delivery service is just another in the long list Manna Aero has been setting live throughout Ireland.

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Will Samsung ever actually make a drone or just file patents?

South Korean electronics giant, Samsung has filed a number of drone patents with the U.S. Patents & Trademark Office over the last few years. Reportedly five in 2018 and as many as 16 drone patents in total. The drone industry could surely use some competition as currently, DJI is running away with the market. However, will Samsung ever actually make a drone or will it just keep filing patents?

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Samsung patents “Flying Display Device”, a drone that you can control with your eyes and voice

As drones are becoming increasingly more popular, we see more companies filing patents for innovative unmanned aerial vehicles. In the past, we reported on LG electronics and Amazon filing for patents. This time it is Samsung that had filed for a patent on January 3rd, 2016 that was granted on February 13th, 2018. Samsung’s idea is for a flying display drone, that you can control with your eyes and voice.

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