Ireland Stories September 11

Tesco aims to begin drone deliveries in partnership with Manna Aero next month in Galway, Ireland. The company plans to deliver ‘small baskets’ for now. Tesco joins the ever-growing number of companies turning to drone deliveries, including Walmart.

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Ireland Stories April 30

Ireland’s Manna Aero had a plan—to deliver fast food by drone. And it was about to start a trial for college students in March when the coronavirus hit–one of so many plans changed by the pandemic. Now it’s pivoted to a new role as a delivery service for pharmacies. expand full story

Ireland Stories March 2

Manna drone delivery has partnered with Just Eat food delivery platform to bring drone deliveries to the people of Dublin. Manna’s delivery drones will first be delivering ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s and premium Thai food from Camile Thai.

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Ireland Stories February 3

In a two-year research and testing period, scientists and drone technicians have been looking at the feasibility of using drones to sample water from hard to reach lakes around Ireland. The testing is being funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure the EU water directive standards are met.

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Ireland Stories February 22, 2019

Calls for robust drone legislation after Dublin Airport disruption

The recent drone incident at Dublin Airport has caused fresh calls for more robust drone legislation in Ireland. The current drone rules are not strong enough to stop people from flying drones over airports. Keep in mind though that we have not seen any evidence that drones were indeed to blame for the incidents at Gatwick, Heathrow, Newark or Dublin. Even DJI issued a statement urging people to not blame drone right away as the likely culprits.

Ireland Stories February 21, 2019

Earlier this morning, Dublin Airport halted flights after “an absolute definite sighting of a drone.” The drone was seen around 11:30 am local time on Thursday. According to the airport, flights were suspended for about 30 minutes. Three inbound flights were diverted. Two of which were sent to Belfast.

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