Ireland Stories April 8

Drone pilot Hugh Pollock was able to capture a double-decker bus on fire earlier this week due to the Belfast riot using a drone. The bus being alighted resulted from a petrol bomb being thrown at it by one of the nearby protestors.

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Ireland Stories March 25

Samsung Electronics Ireland has signed a deal with drone delivery company Manna Aero to deliver its Galaxy phones by drone. The new delivery service is just another in the long list Manna Aero has been setting live throughout Ireland.

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Ireland Stories February 19

Food delivery company Just Eats has begun offering drone deliveries in Oranmore, located in the county of Galway, Ireland. The drones will deliver food and products from Camile Thai and Tesco, making it perfect for the current pandemic.

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Ireland Stories January 21

Scientists from the University of Arizona are set to test their Mars drones in Iceland after receiving a $3 million grant from NASA. The grant was given as a part of a project that combines rovers and drones to explore more of the red planet.

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Ireland Stories September 11, 2020

Tesco aims to begin drone deliveries in partnership with Manna Aero next month in Galway, Ireland. The company plans to deliver ‘small baskets’ for now. Tesco joins the ever-growing number of companies turning to drone deliveries, including Walmart.

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Ireland Stories April 30, 2020

Ireland’s Manna Aero had a plan—to deliver fast food by drone. And it was about to start a trial for college students in March when the coronavirus hit–one of so many plans changed by the pandemic. Now it’s pivoted to a new role as a delivery service for pharmacies. expand full story

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