New VR simulator for airspace traffic management to showcase skies of tomorrow

drone simulator airspace traffic management

Unified Traffic Management (UTM) technology provider Altitude Angel says it’s ready to unveil the next generation of simulation modeling, which puts the airspace manager at the very heart of the flight. This “first of its kind” simulator for airspace management shows drones and crewed aircraft sharing the same skies. It will premiere at the Airspace World industry expo, which is scheduled to take place in Geneva, Switzerland, from March 8-10.

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The Drone Racing League Simulator is out now on Xbox One

The Drone Racing League Simulator has just been released on the Xbox One, opening the world of drone racing to a massive new audience. Along with the release of the game on Xbox, DRL has also announced the 2020 DRL Allianz World Championship Season.

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GTA V FPV flight simulator — the closest thing to real life

As a drone pilot, it can be a little tough to practice our flying when we can’t leave the house to fly. Flight simulators have become increasingly popular, but what is the best, most realistic one?

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Review: Zephyr’s drone simulator is a great if pricey way to improve your flying skills

One of the downsides of living in a city is that opportunities to fly your drone tend to be limited. Where I live is well inside the massive chunk of drone-free air over London. Indeed, I’m inside both controlled airspace for my nearest airport (London City, less than five miles away) and a separate Restricted Area above central London.

So if I want to reach clear airspace, it’s either a car ride or train journey away – which means I only really do it when I have a specific reason or project in mind. That makes it hard to build on, or even maintain, my flying skills.

DJI of course has its own drone simulator built into the DJI Go app, but it’s more of a conceptual implementation than an accurate simulation of real-world physics. Which is why I decided to try Zephyr, a simulator for the Mac and Windows that claims to accurately model the actual flight characteristics of the drones it covers …

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Epson and DJI partner on Augmented Reality Drone Flight Simulator

Today, Epson, providers of the Moverio AR smart eyewear platform, and DJI, the Chinese drone manufacturer, announced a glassed based augmented reality drone flight simulator app. The app has been developed by Y Media Labs exclusively for the Epson Moverio BT-300 (FPV/Drone Edition) smart glasses. This app could be used as a drone pilot training tool to prevent drone incidents from happening.

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