X2 ‘flying car’ from XPeng’s Aero HT becomes first crewed eVTOL to receive flight permit in China

XPeng’s eVTOL business arm AeroHT announced it has received a conditional permit from the Chinese government to continue flights operated by a human in its X2 “flying car.” According to the company, the X2 is the first eVTOL to receive such a permit in the entire country, allowing XPeng AeroHT to continue development on its way to mass-production of eVTOL products like its sixth-generation flying car scheduled for production next year.

Skyports adds Pyka heavy payload delivery drones to its fleet

The drone services division of UK delivery and vertiport company Skyports has announced it will be integrating the heavy payload electric vertical takeoff and landing UAVs by manufacturer Pyka into its fleet, thereby considerably expanding the goods its craft can haul in a single flight.

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FAA Part 135 Certification clears Flytrex for US drone delivery expansion

Drone delivery company Flytrex will soon be moving to expand its South Carolina and Texas operations across other US states, after it received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 Certification to offer unscheduled, on-demand aerial services through its longtime partner, Causey Aviation Unmanned (CAU).

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Drones aid Myanmar resistance battle junta’s bigger army à la Ukraine

Though much attention has rightfully been turned to the remarkably effective ways soldiers and citizens alike have used consumer and enterprise drones in Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion, less notice has been made of the increasingly potent manner fighters in Myanmar have also been using UAVs to battle the armed forces of the nation’s repressive military junta.

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Do Skydio drones have Remote ID?

Skydio aircraft have finally made it to the FAA website tracking drone manufacturer compliance with the new Remote ID rule. The FAA, on January 17, 2023, approved the Declarations of Compliance for Skydio 2+ and X2E drone models.

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Open Skies Cornwall opens new phase of drone development testing

Another phase of drone development activity has been initiated in the UK, with the Open Skies Cornwall program assembling nearly a dozen partners to test use cases and recruit additional participants to facilitate regular UAV services along the southwest England peninsula.

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