Freefly Astro drone pilots could face crash risk without this update

Freefly - Auterion Astro drone

After an investigation revealed that an in-flight software failure had led to an Astro commercial drone crashing, UAS manufacturer Freefly is urging all operators to ground their fleet until they have updated the aircraft firmware to v1.1.18.

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Hybrid drones grab eyeballs at AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL conference

A couple of drones have really caught our eye at the at AUVSI XPONENTIAL conference in Orlando, Florida. They’re hybrids, using hydrogen and gasoline to create electrical energy to run the motors. And there’s a very good reason for that.

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Freefly Alta X drone added to Pentagon’s Blue sUAS 2.0 list

Freefly Systems’ all-electric Alta X drone has become the second drone to be approved under the Blue sUAS 2.0 program.

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DroneBoy lights up night sky for amazing commercial spot

You’ve probably seen some of the smaller LEDs that you can attach to drones for light painting or other cool effects. In fact, we wrote about this recently. But did you know that some professionals can put really bright lights in the air? Just wait until you see what DroneBoy did in Canada.

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FreeFly is throwing a party to celebrate launch Alta X drone

FreeFly Systems is throwing a party to celebrate their recent launch of the Alta X drone, which is said to be the “world’s toughest drone”. The event will take place on Friday, October 11th and Saturday, October 12th at the company’s headquarters in Woodinville, Washington. For more details see below.

FreeFly introduces the Alta X — a foldable quadcopter with ActiveBlade

In a year in which DJI has yet to launch a new drone, the competition is heating up. Parrot keeps prodding DJI at the lower end of the market with lightweight and affordable drones. Skydio is about to launch a competitor to the DJI Mavic 2 drone series. And today. FreeFly introduces the Alta X, a drone aimed at film and documentary makers, that puts new competitive pressure to the top of the drone market. Let’s take a closer look and see what FreeFly offers us with the Alta X.

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