Spain Stories June 21, 2019

In Spain, researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid work together with telecommunications corporation Telefonica, drone start-up Divisek Systems and drone operations company Dronitec to test the use of autonomous drones to fight wildfires. The drones to fight wildfires are part of a firefighting system that consists of a number of communication towers. Each of the towers is outfitted with a thermal camera and an autonomous drone that is stored in a special hangar.

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Spain Stories January 29, 2019

Drug gang used drones to spy on Spanish police. The gang allegedly used the drones to spot possible police presence before bringing in shipments of hashish. Police arrested the 12 suspected gang members in the town of La Linea de la Concepcion, Spain.

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Spain Stories December 6, 2017

You are an avid drone flier and you have booked a trip to Spain. Can you bring your drone along? Are you allowed to fly your drone in Spain? What about any insurance requirements and permits? What are the drone regulations in Spain? Do you know?

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