DJI Terra converts drone imagery into 3D models and maps

DJI Terra converts your drone imagery into 3D models and maps

We first covered DJI Terra back in November of 2017, but couldn’t quite make sense of what it would be. Late last year during the Airworks 2018 event, DJI said that DJI Terra would become available during Q1 of 2019. And here we are, right at the end of the first quarter with the official announcement of DJI Terra. The company calls is software that “transforms drone data into digital 3D models and maps for easy analysis and decision making.” It seems that DJI will be very useful for a number of industries, specifically “crash reconstructions to critical infrastructure inspections as well as agriculture field mapping and construction site modeling.” DJI Terra promises to be very interesting and will surely ruffle some feathers of competing drone services companies.

DJI Terra is available today for purchase through authorized DJI Enterprise resellers worldwide and is compatible with Windows PCs and all current DJI Phantom 4 Series drones

Photo shows DJI Terra’s office in The Netherlands

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DJI Terra – a drone or service for transportation over land?

We all know DJI from their unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones. Now, we have learned that maybe DJI will not restrict itself to the only the air but may launch something for our terra firma, i.e. the ground. We do not know exactly what DJI has in store for us, but late last year on December 30th, DJI started a new company at the same address as their European Headoffices in The Netherlands, called DJI Terra B.V.

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