DJI Mavic Air name leaked by website in advance of NYC event

DJI Mavic Air name leaked by website

We’ve had many clues that point to a new DJI Mavic Air drone to be released on January 23rd in New York City. We documented and explained our “Mavic Air” theory on this very website, but many people still had their doubts. Well, today we have found yet another piece of evidence that will bolster our case. Follow along.

Go to your browser and type in the following URL (or simply click it) It redirects you to the official homepage.

Why is this interesting? We’ll explain.

DJI Mavic Air?

If we go to any other random URL name, say or, you get a redirect to a 404 page, i.e. the page doesn’t exist. But if you go to the “mavic-air” URL you do not end up on a 404 page, but you are purposefully being redirected to the homepage. That means DJI is trying to hide something.

That something is almost certainly a DJI Mavic Air microsite already set up on the DJI server, waiting for release on January 23rd. This is also the case for mobile:

We strongly believe this is the final piece of evidence in our “Mavic Air” theory.

A glimpse of the all-new DJI Mavic Air

The final piece of evidence

Let’s run down the evidence chronologically again.

  1. DJI invited us to an event in New York City on January 23rd in which it will show “Adventure Unfolds”. The image is above.
  2. Unfolds seems to point to a Mavic type of drone since it is the only in DJI’s product line that folds.
  3. The silhouette imagery in the invite and the subsequent Youtube video seems to look like a MacBook Air – a stretch for sure but stick with us here.
  4. An Australian tipster and a video from Bali also lead us to believe there would be a new Drone called the Mavic Air.
  5. And today we find out that DJI has redirected the URL in preparation for the launch of their new foldable drone.

So are you a believer yet? We are and we’re pumped to see this new drone hit the skies. Come back for more info and we’ll be at the event on Jan 23 – next week!

Our “Mavic Air” theory from two days ago

The official DJI Mavic Air teaser video

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