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DJI Mavic Air will come in different colors a la the spark - combi

Another day, another rumor! Or so it seems at least. This morning we have learned that the DJI Mavic Air will come in different colors similar to the DJI Spark (review). We don’t know if the color choices are going to be the same as the Spark color options, but we do know that the Mavic Air will be available in a variety of colors.

Update: the colors for the Mavic Air seem to be black, white and red. We have no information yet on other possible colors.

Are color options for the DJI Mavic Air important?

That’s a good question. We didn’t have this on our feature wishlist for the Mavic Pro 2, but you would think that DJI has a good reason to provide various color choices to customers. The Spark has been available in different colors right from the start, so DJI would have proof based on their Spark sales.

Different color options also make sense from another point of view. The foldable Mavic Air drone is clearly designed for adventurous travelers. Typically, these are colorful people who live a different lifestyle than most and who have a desire not to blend in with the crowd (correct me, if I am wrong here). So, it would make sense to offer potential buyers of this foldable drone the option to choose the color they like. Thumbs up to DJI as far as I am concerned.

As a refresher, the DJI Spark comes in the following (not so adventurous) colors: Alpine White, Meadow Green, Sunrise Yellow, Sky Blue and Lava Red. Maybe DJI will do something else for the Mavic Air?

What do we know so far about the DJI Mavic Air?

We expect the all-new DJI Mavic Air will offer us the following:

  • smaller package
  • lightweight
  • foldable arms
  • improved photo and video quality (i.e. larger sensor, larger aperture, higher res, better bit rate, etc.)
  • better flight characteristics (i.e. longer, faster, more nimble)
  • backward-facing sensors for improved obstacle avoidance
  • different color options


  • comes at a lower price ($699 anybody?)


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