Drone spots more than 20 sharks swimming off popular beach

drone capture shark beach

A drone has spotted sharks swimming off New Smyrna Beach, Florida, a popular beach and swimming location. The drone, flown by Jeremy Johnston, was able to take photos and videos of an estimated 20-50 sharks swimming in shallow water.

Johnston saw the sharks swimming off the Florida beach last week.

He posted the drone video to his Instagram account on February 19, saying the following in the caption of the video.

The last couple of days have been interesting at @nsbinlet, yesterday I stood on the beach for 20 minutes scared to paddle out solo, then only surfed for 10 minutes… This was shot today and these locals are swimming in ankle-deep water… And now you can see why I’ve been so spooked paddling out alone! Happy Tuesday | #nsbinlet 😱🦈👻🦈🌊🚁🎥 @nsbinlet

Johnston told FOX35 Orlando the following regarding the video and the number of sharks swimming at the time.

Maybe 100… they wouldn’t all fit in the drone video. And now you can see why I’ve been so spooked paddling out alone!

In another Instagram post, he shared three more photos, which can be seen below, of the sharks swimming, and he encourages viewers to try and count the number of sharks in the water.

Not too long ago, we shared a video of sharks swimming within meters of oblivious swimmers, who were warned by a family member of the drone pilot. Drones have been spotting sharks for a while now, and are being used by surf lifesavers in Australia to monitor popular beaches for sharks.

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Photo: Jeremy Johnston

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