Shark Stories January 23

Australia has been at the forefront of using drones to keep swimmers and surfers safe and warn them of any nearby sharks. Jason Iggleden, a builder from Sydney, said that the idea for a shark-spotting app was so obvious to him that he filed for a patent and sold everything he owned to develop and launch his new app, called Drone Shark.

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Shark Stories September 18, 2018

In Australia, scientists of the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries are testing drones to learn more about shark behavior and using this technology as a beach safety device. Australia seems to be much further ahead than the US when it comes to using drones to keep beaches safe. The video below shows you some amazing footage of sharks, dolphins, and whales, that was collected during these tests.

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DJI Mavic Pro

Shark Stories August 1, 2018

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Cape Cod with calm water and a slight offshore breeze. It also happened to be Roger Freeman’s last day on the beach and the 54-year-old Hingham resident figured it was a great day for a little bit of paddleboarding of Nauset Beach in Orleans.

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Shark Stories July 2, 2018

Have you ever heard of drone fishing? No, well check this out. These guys are catching massive sharks by dropping their bait as far as 1,000 feet, well beyond the distance you’d be able to get to from the beach otherwise.

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Shark Stories January 4, 2018

Drone pilots spot sharks in coastal waters often enough that we have an entire category dedicated to the topic here at DroneDJ, but not always do these encounters mean a potential life saved thanks to an eagle-eyed quadcopter pilot. In the latest of these stories, a drone pilot spotted a young boy swimming near sharks in the Bahamas, and yelled to alert him of their presence just in time…

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Shark Stories December 31, 2017

Pascal Partouche from Holon, Israel, flew his drone over what seems to be the Mediterranean ocean and took a bunch of photos. One of which was a guy swimming or snorkeling. Only when Pascal came home and took a closer look at the pictures, did he discover the shark lurking right behind the swimmer. The guy in the wetsuit was totally unaware of the danger lurking behind him in the turquoise water. The shark seems to be around 8 feet long. Surely big enough to do some serious damage. We have no information on the kind of shark but have reached out to Pascal for more information.

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