Shark Stories February 24

A drone has spotted sharks swimming off New Smyrna Beach, Florida, a popular beach and swimming location. The drone, flown by Jeremy Johnston, was able to take photos and videos of an estimated 20-50 sharks swimming in shallow water.

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Shark Stories January 26

A pilot flying his drone over a popular New South Wales beach in Australia managed to spot a great white shark swimming within meters of two swimmers oblivious to the danger lurking nearby. Pilot Cameron Grace was flying his DJI Spark while on holiday from Sydney.

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Shark Stories October 16, 2019

Could Little Ripper drone warn Cape Cod tourists about great white sharks?

Earlier today, I came across a story [paywall] in the Wall Street Journal that tells how a recent study from Woods Hole Group Inc. shows that there are no good methods to keep swimmers safe from great white sharks in the waters off Cape Cod. In recent years, several people have been injured by sharks, and at least one person died in 2018. It made me wonder whether the Little Ripper drone with SharkSpotter technology from the Australia-based Ripper Group might be able to help warn Cape Cod tourists about great white sharks.

Shark Stories September 17, 2019

A quick-thinking drone pilot used the speaker on the Mavic 2 Enterprise to warn a surfer of an approaching shark at a beach south of Wollongong, Australia. After hearing the warning the surfer quickly paddled back to shore, while the shark swam off into deeper waters.

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Shark Stories August 29, 2019

Drone footage shows sharks swimming closer to people more often than you think

We have reported quite a number of shark stories on DroneDJ because indeed drone footage shows sharks swimming closer to people more often than you think. Outside Magazine had a short story about this and included some new videos. So for all drone and sharks fans out there, check this out.

Shark Stories August 28, 2019

A photographer with a drone captured great white sharks circling oblivious surfers in California. This is not the first time we have reported on shark sightings. The aerial perspective that a drone provides makes these predators much easier to spot than from the beach or water, as is the case in this example as well. The surfers only seem to realize at the very end that they had company.

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