Drone captures more than $3.5 million worth of seized cannabis in Australia

Drone cannabis seized Australia

Police in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, used a drone to show the full extent of an outdoor cannabis cultivation in central-west New South Wales. The police were able to uncover a 20,000-acre property being used to grow cannabis, with more than $3.5 million being seized.

NSW Police has managed to located and take down an illegal cannabis growing operation stretching over a 20,000-acre property. A drone was used to guage the extent of the property and the number of plants from above.

Along with the police seizing the cannabis plants from the property, they were also able to seize a loaded double-barrel shotgun.

This seizure is the largest outdoor cannabis crop located by the NSW Police Force since 2017 — with officers removing more than 3,000 plants from the one location. This property stretched over 20,000 acres and was a dedicated plantation used solely for the purpose of large commercial cannabis cultivation and supply. We know from experience that criminal syndicates will often reinvest profits made from these crops into other illicit enterprises. We want the community to know that our officers will continue targeting these criminal networks that remain in operation preying on Australians at this difficult and vulnerable time. Information from the community can be the vital piece of information that leads our investigators to an arrest, so if you see something suspicious please contact police or Crime Stoppers immediately.

It’s great to see drones being utilized just like any other camera or piece of equipment police usually take along when they have warrants. It’s also great to see the NSW police sharing the images on social media to show how useful drones are when being used positively.

What are your thoughts on drones working with police to gather evidence and assist where needed? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: NSW Police

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