Latest drone event, WoDaRC, postponed due to coronavirus

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The World of Drones and Robotics Congress (WoDaRC) was supposed to be held in mid-September this year in Brisbane, Australia. Due to the coronavirus, the event has been moved to a later date to ensure the safety of the event’s participants.

The event organizers sent out an email late last week announcing the event will be postponed until November 12-13 as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

The event was supposed to bring drone companies and individuals together from around the world to connect, collaborate, and co-create, moving the drone community forward as a whole.

On a positive note, if you were and still are planning to attend the World of Drones and Robotics Congress (WoDaRC) you are currently able to get your tickets at a discounted rate of 40%, bringing the cost down to AUD$540 (~$343) from AUD$900 (~$572).

The event organizers shared the following statement to its sponsors via email:

With the threat of COVID-19 continuing for an unforeseeable period, we have postponed the World of Drones and Robotics Congress (WoDaRC)  to ensure the safety of our participants.

The WoDaRC will be hosted on 12 & 13 November at BCEC.

There is also a list of the new areas within the drone and robotics world that will be heavily focused on, including emergency and disaster response, privacy, local manufacturing, safety, as well as a coronavirus post-pandemic workshop.

Of course, the World of Drones and Robotics Congress (WoDaRC) isn’t the first event to be postponed as a result of coronavirus with other well-known events being canceled or moving dates back to ensure the public, sponsors, and exhibitors are all safe.

What are your thoughts on all the drone shows being postponed to a later date? Do you think virtual events should still take place? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: WoDaRC & Josh Spires

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