300 drones put on light show to thank China medical staff

China drones light show

Three hundred drones hit the skies a few nights ago above Zhuhai, China, in a show of thanks to the medical team on the coronavirus frontline in Hubei province, which was hardest hit during the outbreak. The drones put on a synchronized light show that filled the sky with animations.

In photos and videos of the event, the drones appear forming various images, including a woman taking her mask off, stars, a bear with the words, “Welcome,” and various other images related to the medical workers.

The drones were sent up as part of a thank-you message for the medical workers who recently came out of self-isolation after working with coronavirus patients in Hubei province, where the pandemic originated.

Drones, China, and coronavirus

Wuhan, China, was the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, with the first lot of cases becoming public knowledge in late December last year. China took strong countermeasures by essentially shutting down the whole region and forcing people to stay indoors.

China was also quick to use drones to enforce these new quarantine policies. Among the first sightings were a megaphone-equipped drone calling out to people not following the stay-at-home order. Authorities in other countries have adopted the practice. In the US, it’s now provoking a political backlash from critics who accuse police of unwarranted surveillance practices.

Many farmers around China also looked at the agricultural drones they own as a way to help their friends, family, and neighbors. The farmers have been able to use their drones, equipped with tanks and nozzles, to spray disinfectant through villages. Other countries, such as Spain and India, are also employing drones in disinfection duties.

What do you think about the drone light show? Do you think countries should do more to show appreciation for their medical workers and elevate the public mood? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: CCTV

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