Drone light show illuminates the sky at the Shanghai AI conference

Drone light show Shanghai

A drone light show has lit up the night sky above Shanghai in celebration of the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence conference earlier this month. The drone show took to the skies near the Mercedes-Benz Arena and was accompanied by a ground-based light show.

This year’s World Artificial Intelligence conference was a little different due to the COVID-19 outbreak shutting down public areas and international flights, causing it to be an online-only event like the majority of all shows this year.

The event showed off the latest in AI technology and research from areas such as 5G, medical, education, transportation, and business. The conference brought some of the best minds in AI together from around the world to share ideas and network.

The video starts with four layers of drones combining to form a rectangular prism, which then transforms into a disappearing rainbow. The drones then create the conference’s logo that transforms into Chinese characters. The drones then create a flat map of the world that slowly turns into a rotating globe of the world.

You might as well see for yourself. But check out that QR code at the end – very clever!

Drone light shows

Drone light shows have been a hit ever since Intel started performing them at major events to show off their technology. Check out the rest of our coverage on drone light shows and the countries that are using them the most.

What do you think about drone light shows? Would you watch a drone light show considering the benefits they have over fireworks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo: New China TV

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