DJI Mavic 3: What the drone community wants to see from DJI

Mavic 3 drone community

Over the last three weeks, we have been putting out polls with our DJI Mavic 3 articles to gauge what the drone community wants to see from DJI. So, let’s take a look at what those who voted in the polls want to see from the DJI Mavic 3.

Should the Mavic 3 include a Smart Controller?

Let’s start off with the question that got the most buzz. 13% of people said the Mavic 3 should come with a Smart Controller and would be happy paying a higher price for it to be included. On the contrary, 70% of people said the price should stay the same with the Smart Controller being included, an obvious answer but something DJI will almost certainly not do.

16% of voters said the Smart Controller shouldn’t be included with the Mavic 3 but people should rather buy it after the fact or get it in the combo that comes with the Smart Controller, just like the Mavic 2 currently does.

Should Mavic 3 use the DJI Fly app?

The results of this poll are actually a little surprising to say the least. Starting with the new app option, 10% of people want the Mavic 3 to use a new app, a number that I didn’t expect to be higher than one or two percent at the most. 43% want the Mavic 3 to use the old trusted DJI GO 4 app while 48% want it to use the newer DJI Fly app.

While the post this poll was on is in favor of DJI using the Fly app which could affect the outcome of the poll I was still expecting more people to go for the GO 4 app over the newer Fly app. It looks like DJI’s steady updates and feature adds to DJI Fly over the last few months have seemed to give the community enough hope that they will improve the app for the Mavic 3.

What do you want the Mavic 3 fly more combo include?

Looking at the results, the biggest thing people want from the fly more combo is extra batteries with 33% choosing it. The batteries were followed by the inclusion of a car charger at 22%. This is important as DJI removed the car charger from the Mavic Air 2, so let’s hope they bring it back with the Mavic 3.

Next up on the list is the inclusion of ND filters at 16%. That was a new inclusion with the Mavic Air 2 would be great to have it come with the Mavic 3 and stay included with future releases. After the ND filters was the hard-shell case at 15%. This is something we are still yet to see come included with a Mavic fly more combo.

At 12% users voted for a multi-battery charger, something a little lower on the list but didn’t surprise me as much as the extra propellers did. The extra propellers option received no votes which was a little odd as they are usually one of the best accessories to have with your drone in case they get damaged. The normal version of the Mavic already comes with three extra pairs of propellers so this could be the reason why it wasn’t chosen.

Photo: DJI (edited)

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