Thales completes design for ND’s Vantis BVLOS network

Thales ND's Vantis BVLOS

Thales Group has completed the preliminary design review for the Vantis statewide BVLOS network being built in North Dakota. The milestone means Thales can now begin integrating surveillance systems and communications infrastructure into the great McKenzie county area for future drone deliveries.

North Dakota has taken the next step in integrating drones into everyday life with Vantis, a statewide beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) network for commercial drone research. This latest announcement adds to the hard work North Dakota has put into its commercial drone network.

To do so safely and efficiently, it has decided to work with L3Harris Technologies and Thales USA, which will build out the required infrastructure for BVLOS flights. North Dakota hopes that the new Vantis network will allow the state to become the epicenter for commercial drone deliveries and other aerial activity.

Alan Pellegrini, CEO of Thales USA added:

“North Dakota’s Statewide UAS Network, known as Vantis, is truly the first of its kind. This robust network, that safely and securely integrates UAS into the national airspace, will serve as an enviable model and the catalyst for broader commercial UAS operations for years to come as it relies on a complete solution addressing the FAA’s safety risk management process.”

Vantis was chosen to be the name for its bold and disruptive quality, befitting the new perspectives seen and horizons built with this program. The now named statewide BVLOS drone system will allow users to access the network with the infrastructure and resources already provided.

Four key components give the network its advantage:

  • Remote infrastructure of surveillance sensors and command and control radios
  • Backhaul data network that is scalable and highly reliable
  • Mission and network operations center, with monitoring and system testing
  • UAS encompassing aircraft and ground control stations

Learn more about North Dakota’s love for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone operations:

Photo: Thales

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