MEASURE awarded a US Air Force contract to develop drone software

MEASURE Air Force drone

Aerial intelligence company MEASURE has been awarded a contract from the US Air Force to develop software to support drone operations. The software will be produced alongside the Air Force Civil Engineering and Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer (RED HORSE) squadrons.

The cofounder, chief strategy officer, and head of product at MEASURE Jesse Stepler is expected to be the principal investigator in charge of the contract’s preparation, conduct, and administration.

The contract was given to MEASURE as its proposed approach was the most sound, innovative, and has technical merit. The deal will also look at how well the company can conduct research and development and be able to commercialize it into a finished product.

MEASURE will look into the unique applications for Air Force drone end-users and then require it to show how the software will be feasible to begin development.

MEASURE CEO and cofounder, Brandon Torres Declet, shared:

MEASURE is proud to partner with the USAF to deploy industry-leading drone software solutions for advanced engineering operations. We are eager to continue providing mission-critical technologies to the US Department of Defense.


MEASURE develops a complete software operating system for automating drones, including mission planning, data collection, flight analysis, operational management, and report creation. At the beginning of 2020, the company partnered with Aerodyne to announce Aerodyne Measure, a fork of the original that provides aerial inspections, data analysis, advisory, and pilot training.

The company works with Drone Insurance, Pix4D, DJI, Airmap, Scopito, and Slant Range to integrate even more features and data collection points into its software to make it easier for an organization to manage its drone assets better.

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