Is it really that good? Photographers review DJI Mavic 3

DJI Mavic 3 photographers review

The new Mavic 3 takes the combination of legendary Hasselblad imaging systems and flight technology to a whole new level, making it the most powerful folding camera drone DJI has ever created. Photographers Renan Ozturk, Benjamin Everett, and Jorge de la Torriente had the chance to capture the world from above with DJI Mavic 3 recently. Here are some of their thoughts…

Love at first sight: Renan Ozturk’s Mavic 3 review

Ozturk, who began his career as an expedition climber and landscape artist, and now works as a commercial and documentary filmmaker, took along an early unit of the Mavic 3 to document a high desert installation and performance art.

This is what he said afterward:

The new 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera is definitely one of the most exciting things about the Mavic 3 to me. It gives you so much more dynamic range and cinematic sun-flares with the adjustable aperture. It’s wild to have that kind of image quality in such a small package.

Being able to climb to the top of one of these towers in the sky with the Mavic 3 on my back and launch it from such a precarious and dynamic position, will be something not soon forgotten. To me that’s one of the most exciting things about the Mavic 3 in general – how lightweight it is, considering how good the footage quality is.

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Fantastic way to discover new perspectives: Benjamin Everett

Photographer and landscape painter Everett, who is also the recipient of the prestigious Hasselblad Masters award for landscapes, spent a couple of weeks dodging fall storms in Idaho with the new Mavic 3.

These are his impressions:

Mavic 3’s extended battery life has made a huge difference in my approach to flying, I can be more patient and thoughtful while in the air. The low-light capabilities of the Mavic 3 are impressive. I was able to capture the alpenglow on snow-capped peaks as dusk fell.

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Incredible freedom and a unique POV: Jorge de la Torriente

Modern and minimalist fine art photographer de la Torriente loves experimenting with nighttime aerial photography. But in the past, he’s been restricted by the need for a helicopter and the right conditions, the Hasselblad Masters 2018 awardee explains.

He took the Mavic 3 images below with a shutter speed of 1/2 second in the air.

Here’s de la Torriente with his DJI Mavic 3 review:

My impressions of the Mavic 3 are a bit hard to describe. I haven’t really experienced anything like this before. The freedom that it offers to the photographer is really unparalleled. Being able to concentrate on capturing the shot and letting the Mavic 3 worry about everything else is quite freeing.

You get an incredible amount of time in the air to scout the location, find the right position, and wait for the right moment to capture the shot. I spend a lot of time waiting for the right light when I’m shooting on the ground. Mavic 3 provides the luxury of being able to wait for the right moment in the air.

It’s worth highlighting that if you buy the Mavic 3Mavic 3 Fly More Combo, or Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo before January 1, 2022, you’ll be eligible for free additional warranty and service coverage from DJI. The free service extensions will be applicable to both the original warranty as well as DJI Care Refresh service (if purchased).

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Featured image credits: Clockwise from top right: Renan Ozturk, Jorge de la Torriente, and Benjamin Everett

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