DJI releases firmware upgrade for Mini 2 drone and new Terra version

Dji Mini 2 Terra

Drone maker DJI’s update-o-rama continued Wednesday with the release of (yet another) firmware upgrade ­– this time for the Mini 2 – and a new version of its DJI Terra uber-mapping solution. Those two bring the company’s software revisions to five this week alone.

The dual product revamps largely iron out wrinkles reported in previous versions, though improvements to Mini 2 operation appear to be limited compared to the extensive fixes in the new iteration of DJI Terra. According to the company’s release announcement on the latter – involving new V01.04.0000 aircraft and V04.11.0032 remote controller firmware, plus upgrades to V1.5.10 DJI Fly App iOS and V1.5.10 DJI Fly App Android ­– will permit the down-and-dirty improvement of “optimized flight safety.”

But where the Mini 2 upgrade is limited, effects of the re-worked DJI Terra appear to be large.

The one-stop-shopping software interfaces with linked drones to allow professional users to plan missions, collect necessary data, fully map areas being surveyed, and analyze all information assembled to create exact digital models. The product was last updated in late January, with considerable functionality improvements. It now gets an additional cyber-goose to iron out conflicts created or remaining in that upgrade.

According to the company, the new 3.3.4 version of DJI Terra:

·  Fixes issue where users with online licenses cannot use premium functions offline within first two days after restarting DJI Terra.

·  Fixes issue where outputs are layered after enabling Optimize Point Cloud Accuracy when processing LiDAR data collected from multiple flights.

·  Fixes issue where DJI GSR or DJI Pilot cannot properly display downsampled DSM files generated by 2D urban reconstruction.

·  Fixes issue where drawings are incorrectly displayed when modifying results of identified objects in Agricultural Application.

·  Fixes issue where language of quality report always defaults to English after setting language option for DJI Terra when installing for the first time.

·  Fixes issue where operation stutters when modifying results of identified objects in Agricultural Application.

Once those tweaks are completed, DJI Terra users will have to be attentive many limitations or required interventions to continue using the software, though those seem to mostly involve unfinished modeling projects awaiting completion when the upgraded version was downloaded. 

DJI says the new iteration is compatible with Phantom drone models 4, 4 Pro, 4 Pro V2.0, Pro + V2.0, Advanced, RTK (Monitor RC), and RTK (No-Monitor RC). Only certain DJI Terra features are supported by Matrice 300 RTK + H20 Series and Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced UAVs.

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