ZeroEyes puts gun detection AI on Asylon Robotics drones

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It is a partnership that’s both timely and, sadly, increasingly necessary. Artificial intelligence-powered ZeroEyes gun detection technology is being integrated into automated drones and robotic ground assets produced by Asylon Robotics to avert, and when necessary, respond to active shooter situations.

ZeroEyes’ proprietary tech already uses AI components coupled with CCTVs to enable instant detection of guns within the sweep range of video equipment. Those capacities will now be loaded on Aslylon’s drones and robotic dogs, which have been developed in particular for security operation by both private and government users. 

While the objective of the fixed-camera AI application is to detect and react to the presence of a gun before it can be used, its deployment on drones and robotic assets will be an especially valuable asset in identifying firearms carried by active shooters in panicked, chaotic situations.

Whether aboard drones or linked to a ground video, AI in ZeroEyes’ platform immediately identifies guns in feeds, and within three to five seconds communicates a warning to the company’s military-trained operational center analysts for human verification. Those expert eyes then either determine the alert is a false identification, or contact law enforcement to intervene.

The product is already in use in K-12 schools, universities, commercial businesses, US military bases, and state and local governments across the US. Tragically, the massacre in Uvalde, Texas, demonstrates that kind of visual aid against assassins will likely be called upon more frequently as time goes on. It will also provide protective intelligence to responding police officers, whose cohort in 2021 suffered a 20-year high of members killed by gun and other violence. 

“(T)hings aren’t heading in the right direction,” said Mike Lahiff, CEO of ZeroEyes. “Enabling our AI gun detection technology for use beyond static video cameras is a huge step in combating the mass shooting epidemic that our country faces. Our partnership with Asylon Robotics means we’re able to outfit unmanned vehicles with real-time gun detection intel and tools such as lights and audible alarms to distract shooters, giving first responders time to respond to threats more quickly and safely from the air or on the ground, when every second counts.”

Asylon Robotics CEO Damon Henry says the link-up will provide life-saving tech support to law enforcement and vulnerable citizens, and allow both companies to expand service to clients.

“Our partnership means we have a more complete solution for customers to safely and intelligently respond to incidents on their properties, such as active shooter scenarios,” Henry says. “Adding AI gun detection to air and ground security robotics is industry first, and directly in line with our mission to help get the right intel to the right people to make better, faster, and smarter decisions.”

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