New DJI Terra upgrade aims primarily at resolving glitches

DJI Terra

Scarcely a week after DJI released the latest upgrade to its all-in-one Terra mapping and modeling solution, the powerful software package is getting another upgrading boost aimed primarily at resolving persisting bugs. 

In its late August update, DJI added a variety of new features to its Terra software offer, including seven parameter transformation and water surface refinement functionalities. It also fixed no less than 10 different problems users had pointed out. The new upgrade to Terra version 3.5.5 is, apart from one add-on, almost entirely bug focused.

Launched in 2019, DJI’s powerful, one-stop Terra mapping and surveying software is designed for users in public safety, construction, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors who previously had to juggle a host of applications and platforms. The system also provides an easy and useful feature allowing drone pilots to chart automated flights based on the kinds of 2D orthomosaics or 3D models or maps they need to create.

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In DJI’s new upgrade to V3.5.5, Terra users will benefit from optimized of aerotriangulation and ground control points (GCP) position prediction. The company notes those functions become operational “when (the) vertical coordinate system of GCP is set to Yellow Sea 1985 height and Constrain with Image POS Data is enabled,” – users be warned.

On the glitch-resolution side, DJI said the new Terra upgrade is intended to fix problems:

  • where 3D reconstruction fails after customizing side length for block splitting in arbitrary coordinate system.
  • where map search function is unavailable when map source is set to Tianditu.
  • where importing KML to ROI fails when using KML files generated from LocaSpace Viewer.
  • where progress stays at 100% for a long time when using a great amount of data and selecting XML for aerotriangulation computation.
  • where start and end points of block display incorrectly after customizing side length for block splitting in arbitrary coordinate system.

DJI drones supported in the Terra upgrade include the full range of Phantom 4 craft, with Matrice 300 RTK with H20 payloads and Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced UAVs limited to detailed inspection planning route importation.

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