DJI releases Mavic 3 Enterprise series firmware upgrade

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise

Leading UAV and aerial photography company DJI has just released a new firmware upgrade for the Mavic 3 Enterprise series, adding several new functions and features to the craft it calls the “everyday commercial drone.”

Rolled out last September, the Mavic 3 Enterprise series includes two versions: the standard Mavic 3E drone designed for frequent business and public agency missions like surveying, mapping, modelling, and inspections; and a thermal sensor-equipped Mavic 3T well-suited for first responder, firefighting, and search and rescue deployment – including nighttime operation.

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The former model features a mechanical shutter, a 56× hybrid zoom camera offering an equivalent focal length of 62mm for 12MP footage, and ensuring against motion blur while supporting 0.7-second interval shooting. The Mavic 3T tops that off with an additional sensor with a 61-degree display field of view and 40 mmm equivalent focal length. Both UAVs boast 45 minutes of flight time.

The new firmware upgrade for the pair of Mavic 3 Enterprise drones includes aircraft version v05.01.02.03, remote controller v02.00.02.10, DJI Pilot 2 App v5.1.1.3, and  DJI Assistant 2 v2.1.4.

According to DJI, the full list of enhancements provided by the update are:

·  Added Real-Time Follow function, which can perform real-time follow mapping using the vision system of the aircraft to improve the operation efficiency.

·  Added High-Res Grid shooting function, providing both wide and close-up images.

·  Added support for DJI Pilot 2 to download online geoid files. By downloading open-source data of ASTER GDEM V3, the geoid database can be directly used to obtain DSM files in Terrain Follow.

·  Added SD card storage encryption function to ensure the secure use of media files. After enabling the security code on DJI Pilot 2, the security code set by the user is required to access the data stored on the SD card.

·  Added support for customized development of Payload SDK.

·  Added access to some flight control parameters, which can be customized on DJI Pilot 2.

·  Optimized basic flight functions: the aircraft maximum altitude can be set to 60 m when GNSS is not available.

·  Fixed issue: recording conflict when the screen recording function of the remote controller and the speaker are turned on at the same time.

·  Added Smart Oblique function for Mavic 3E, which improves operation efficiency by planning two perpendicular s-shaped routes and shooting in three directions.

·  Improved mapping accuracy for Mavic 3E in low-light environments such as cloudy days or at night.

·  Added Infrared Image Super-Resolution function for Mavic 3T, which can capture clearer infrared images in low-light environments.

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