Airspace Link adds AirHub Portal to its safe drone operation tech

Airspace Link AirHub drone

Drone navigation and awareness tech specialist Airspace Link is taking another step in its efforts to permit operators of all kinds to remain as fully informed on activity around their craft as possible with the launch of its AirHub Portal solution.

The release of AirHub Portal builds on Airspace Link’s AirHub, a cloud-based, low altitude digital infrastructure designed to support the safe scaling of drone activity. Whereas the latter is intended to help pilots select the most efficient and secure route for navigating their UAVs to destinations and back, the former brings together that functionality along with planning and monitoring features.

Airspace Link describes its AirHub Portal as a progressive web application that can be installed directly on desktop computers or mobile device to allow drone pilots and fleet managers prepare. plan, manage, and execute drone operations within a unified system. 

Among the specific features offered in that service, the company notes, are “Airspace Awareness, Authoritative & Enterprise Advisories (Constraints), Mission Planning including Routing, Risk Analysis and Situational Awareness, Fleet Management Integration, and UAS Traffic,” with others to be added over time.

In addition to facilitating safe and effective drone integration into the increasingly crowded US airspace, Airspace Link vice president Daniel Bradshaw says another objective in adding AirHub Portal to the company’s mix is to provide a unified, streamlined way of preparing and running missions in what has become a fragmented and complex environment.

“As the number of drone operations increases, so does the need for enhanced planning and management tools,” he says. “As we work on what our customers need today and what they’ll be relying on in the future, our new Portal platform will help unify all stakeholders on one platform and empower them with the individual features they want and need.”

Airspace Link products have been approved for use under the Federal Aviation Administration’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability program, which among its capabilities allows pilots to apply for and often receive authorization to fly in controlled airspaces. 

Introduction of the AirHub Portal, notes Airspace Link CEO Michael Healander, not only extends that communications link between government agencies and private pilots, but brings them together in their common navigation of the skies as operators.

“In the past, our government customers were focused on enabling and supporting operators – but now, government customers are also operators themselves, buying and operating their own drones for public safety, infrastructure inspection, surveying, and other use cases designed to make work safer and more efficient,” Healander says. “Having tools to help them understand their airspace, communicate with pilots, and provide the functions necessary to help them operate and manage their own drone fleets has become increasingly important to them. The AirHub® Portal application will begin to serve all of those needs in one place.”

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