Drone Regulations Stories January 15

Drones with live video feeds have become a major concern in the world of horse racing. The devices are being used to give bettors an unfair advantage for “live” betting. And yes, this is news to us as well.

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In what appears to be a first, a drone pilot has pleaded guilty to colliding his drone into a Los Angeles Police Department helicopter. It’s believed to be the first criminal conviction in the United States for unsafe operation of an unmanned aircraft.

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Drone Regulations Stories January 11

The FAA is hoping a new reminder, along with some graphics, might result in people keeping their drones well clear of stadiums at game-time.

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Drone Regulations Stories January 8

We’ve had a number of inquiries about whether it will be legal to fly DJI’s new FPV drone (when it’s eventually released). Of course, the same regulations would apply to all FPV drones, not just a DJI product. We knew the answer, but thought it would be good to take a deeper dive.

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Drone Regulations Stories January 7

Skydio today announced that CEO Adam Bry has been appointed the US Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Drone Advisory Committee. He joins 34 other executives from the drone industry in this important role.

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Drone Regulations Stories December 23, 2020

New EU drone regulations coming; DJI urges compliance

New, standard drone regulations will go into effect across the EU on December 31. And DJI is urging its customers to “embrace” the new regulations.

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