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David Moquay

David Moquay has been passionate about all things that fly since a kid and more than 10 years ago, he started strapping small sport cameras to RC airplanes and helicopters with laughable results. He’s best known for his work with FPVLightrax.

DJI Avata review: The palm-size, ready-to-fly, FPV drone

dji avata in palm of hand

DJI just released the Avata. It’s DJI’s second iteration of a ready-to-fly, first-person-view drone. The Avata is aimed at newcomers and professionals alike for indoor and outdoor FPV flying, preferably moving through a window. Here is our review of DJI’s Avata from someone that has flown FPV drones for years.

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GoPro Hero10 Bones: New High Definition Action Camera for small Cinema/FPV Drones

A brand new camera for FPV Drones from GoPro is about to hit the market. Called the Hero10 Black “Bones,” I was lucky enough to get an early production unit from GoPro for review. The short of it is that you get the same video quality of a GoPro 10 at a third of the weight – and at the same price! You don’t get the dual LCD screens or waterproofing, but the weight savings more than make up for it.

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