Singaporean contractor to build a supersonic combat drone

Singaporean supersonic combat drone

Singaporean aviation contractor Kelley Aerospace is wanting to build supersonic combat drones to advance the warfare of tomorrow. The new supersonic drone is expected to begin production in August and ranges in price from $9 million to $16 million.

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Saudi F-15 jet shoots down Iranian drones above Yemen

Video has emerged of what appears to be a Saudi F-15 fighter jet shooting down two Iranian drones above Yemen on July 2. The drones look to be a counterfeit model of the Israeli Hermes 450, a popular unmanned aircraft used by Israel, Mexico, and the US.

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New combat drone planned to fly across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time

Combat drones have changed warfare immensely. One country can strike another without deploying any personnel whose lives would be at risk. The new MQ-9B looks to join the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force (RAF) in early 2020 and has a big mission in front of itself as it is planned to fly non-stop from North Dakota to Gloucestershire, England on July 11th.

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