Ocean Alliance flying DJI M210 drones for aerial tagging of whales

DJI drone whale

Marine biology researchers have for several years used drones for periodical collection of data to evaluate the health of whales, but now they’ve developed a way to pilot a DJI M210 to gently and discreetly attach electronic tags to monitor the creatures for extended periods.

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DJI drones helped firefighters put out Notre Dame inferno

Last night, a massive fire destroyed the roof and spire of the Norte Dame in Paris. DJI drones helped firefighters put out the inferno. French firefighters used the drones, likely a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual and an M210 borrowed from the culture and interior ministries, to aid them in tackling the blaze. The unmanned aircraft provided insight into how the fire was spreading and helped firefighters to determine the most effective positions of fire hoses.

As we fully support female drone pilots, we’d like to point out that in a short video from the French Ministry of the Interior a woman is seen at the controls of what seems to be a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual drone.

Update: Gabriel Plus, spokesperson for the French firefighters was reported to have said:

“It is thanks to these drones, to this new technique absolutely unavoidable today, that we could make tactical choices to stop this fire at a time when it was potentially occupying the two belfries.”

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DJI and Microsoft are working together to create a new Windows 10 drone SDK

The world’s biggest drone company, DJI and tech giant, Microsoft have partnered up to create a new software development kit (SDK) that will allow developers to build “full-flight control and real-time data transfer capabilities” into Windows 10 computers. The partnership between both companies aims to create new drone services for a number of industries, including agriculture, construction, and public safety. Furthermore, the Chinese drone maker has adopted Microsoft’s Azure cloud service to deliver its own commercial drone services.

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