Drone videos end of marathon effort to free ensnared gray whale

drone video gray whale

A drone pilot in Canada recorded uplifting video footage Saturday of officials freeing a young gray whale that had been tangled in fishing nets. The effort to liberate the 26-foot mammal spanned several days up to the moment, which was captured by the hovering drone, that the majestic creature shook off the binds and swam away.

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Drone videos reveals killer whale behavior, including BFF bonding

English researchers say video taken by drones has allowed them to uncover unprecedented information on the social behavior of killer whales. Among those findings: Orcas form best friends with specific individuals in their pod.

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Drone films never-before sighting of whales ‘bubble-net feeding’ off Oz

Drones have captured rare footage of migrating humpback whales off Australia, including unprecedented shots of them “bubble-net feeding” so far north.

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Drone footage captures rare sight of killer whales hunting seals

It’s no match for a Freddy Kruger flick – much less Jaws – in the gallons of gore per minute ranking. But drone footage captured off Scotland’s northeast coast last week does offer a rare view of orcas on a seal hunt. 

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Best. Drone. Whale. Video. Ever.

A video of a whale trapping prey in the Gulf of Thailand is by far the best drone whale video of the year. And maybe of any year.

The whale is open-mouthed – and you will be too once you see this thing.

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First-ever Beluga whale spotted in Californian waters by drone

In a drone video captured last week by Captain Domenic Biagini from Gone Whale Watching San Diego, we get the first look at a Beluga whale off the California coastline. The video is especially special as its the first time a Beluga whale has been spotted in Californian waters.

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