Whales Stories June 16

English researchers say video taken by drones has allowed them to uncover unprecedented information on the social behavior of killer whales. Among those findings: Orcas form best friends with specific individuals in their pod.

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Whales Stories June 7

Drones have captured rare footage of migrating humpback whales off Australia, including unprecedented shots of them “bubble-net feeding” so far north.

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Whales Stories May 17

Red marks the spot: drone films orcas hunting seals

It’s no match for a Freddy Kruger flick – much less Jaws – in the gallons of gore per minute ranking. But drone footage captured off Scotland’s northeast coast last week does offer a rare view of orcas on a seal hunt. 

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Whales Stories January 17

A video of a whale trapping prey in the Gulf of Thailand is by far the best drone whale video of the year. And maybe of any year.

The whale is open-mouthed – and you will be too once you see this thing.

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Whales Stories July 2, 2020

In a drone video captured last week by Captain Domenic Biagini from Gone Whale Watching San Diego, we get the first look at a Beluga whale off the California coastline. The video is especially special as its the first time a Beluga whale has been spotted in Californian waters.

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Whales Stories June 29, 2020

Every once in a while, a drone happens to be in the right place at the right time to capture something truly spectacular. Luckily for us, that happened again recently — and the results are truly breathtaking. Just wait until you see this drone whale video.

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