Farm Stories March 22

Drone paid for itself “10 to 20 times over” on Indiana farm

This is an interesting article about how a drone paid for itself “10 to 20 times over” on an Indiana farm. It was just published by AGWeb the other day. The article lists the various ways in which farmers can benefit from using drones, various models and brands. And, perhaps most importantly, how to get started using a drone on your farm, explaining the registration process and how to obtain a Part 107 license. See below for more highlights.

Farm Stories March 8

Farmers in New Zealand have found a new way to herd their sheep. They are now herding sheep with a drone, the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise, outfitted with a speaker that barks like a dog. The farmers say that a single drone can do the work of multiple dogs. Check out the video below for the drone in action and some of the other sounds effects the farmers use.

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