Japan Stories July 20

Friends don’t let friends fly a drone while drunk. You know it, we know it. But it appears this 56-year-old man in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture doesn’t know it. For he thought it would be OK to take a long-forgotten drone out for a spin after guzzling eight 350 ml cans of beer.

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Japan Stories June 9

EHang 216 AAV during its successful test flight in Japan

Chinese autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) company EHang says it has completed its first pilotless trial flight in Japan, where it hopes to begin passenger service by 2023.

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Japan Stories June 8

Japan is ramping up its promotion of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), announcing new government initiatives in the development and deployment of a wide array of small craft across the nation’s cities.

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Japan Stories January 13

The Japanese Defense Ministry is reportedly beginning research into the use of vehicle-mounted counter-drone lasers to fend off rogue drones. The news comes from sources close to the Japanese government, with an expected arrival date no earlier than 2024.

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Japan Stories December 22, 2020

Japan is looking to expand its drone regulations to drones weighing 100 grams and above, a 100-gram decrease from the current regulations. The Japanese government has chosen to make the change due to the massive increase of drones in the sky and reckless pilots.

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Japan Stories November 19, 2020

Japan Airlines (JAL) has turned to delivery drones to transport emergency supplies to a hard-to-reach city in a mountainous area of western Japan. The flight which took place on Wednesday is a test for future permanent drone deliveries in the region.

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