Japan Stories December 8, 2017

The “Go home”, “T-Frend” drone flies along office buildings late at night in Tokyo, Japan, blasting “Auld Lang Syne”, a Scottish tune typically played in a store right before closing. The drone is the government latest effort to reduce the notoriously long working hours that Japanese workers put in.

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Japan Stories November 13, 2017

A candy-carrying drone fell out of the sky in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, Japan last Saturday, injuring six people, including children. The unmanned aerial vehicle was distributing candy over a crowd at an event, when it suddenly crashed to the ground, as reported by The Japan Times.

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Japan Stories October 17, 2017

Ever wanted to go drone racing in Tokyo Japan? Well starting Saturday, October 21 you can in the 535 m² “DJI Arena By JDRONE Tokyo” Arena. The drone space does not only feature a flying-area but also a retail store and will offer technical support. The Tokyo DJI Arena will be managed and operated by Authorized Dealer Japan Circuit in partnership with DJI Japan.  expand full story

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