DJI’s upcoming “Air Unit” racer is NOT a drone…or is it?

Ocusync air unit and camera

If you take a closer look at the recent FCC filings you will see that unfortunately none of them is actually for a drone. Unless that drone is the size of a Double-Stuff Oreo cookie. The “Air Unit,” which we hoped might be a drone, is nothing more than a transmitter and receiver for a racing drone. So it looks like DJI is not releasing a drone in 45 days, or are they?

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DJI releases more photos of their new Goggles RE

Two days ago DJI released their new DJI Goggles RE, which stands for Racing Edition. These new goggles are compatible with the DJI SparkMavic ProPhantom 4 Series and Inspire 2 drones from the Chinese drone manufacturer.

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DJI Introduces Racing Edition Goggles and OcuSync Camera

Today, right at the start of DJI’s Black Friday Sales event, the Chinese drone manufacturer launches the DJI Goggles Race Edition (RE) with dual 1080p LTPS displays and OcuSync Camera and Air Unit.

The metallic matte black and red leather DJI Goggles RE have all the same features as the regular Goggles but add the following features: a redesigned facial pad and headband, support for Sphere pano photo viewing and local video playback. They also work with the DJI OcuSync Air Unit and OcuSync Camera, which sell separately.

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