HAPSMobile to develop high-density battery in new partnership

HAPSMobile high-density battery

HAPSMobile, the company behind the Sunglider, has entered into a new partnership with APB to develop new high-density polymer batteries. The partnership will allow for improved energy storage by replacing common battery components with more stored energy.

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HAPS Mobile’s Sunglider reaches the stratosphere in latest test

HAPS Mobile’s Sunglider has completed its latest test flight, where it entered the stratosphere and continued flying without any issues. The glider faced winds and extreme temperatures and flew for over 20 hours before coming back down.

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HAPS Mobile and Loon deliver first LTE from a fixed-wing glider

HAPS Mobile and Alphabet’s Loon has delivered the world’s first LTE connectivity from a fixed-wing autonomous glider during a recent test flight. The team even had a video call from the LTE connection to make sure it was working correctly.

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