This docking system for DJI drones can be installed on any car

car drone docking dji heisha

Heisha, a Chinese company that specializes in manufacturing drone-in-a-box solutions, is out with its latest offering, and it’s one that will convert your car into a drone docking station.

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Heisha launches autonomous drone charging station for eVTOL aircraft

Ahead of the expected demand by operators of eVTOL aircraft, autonomous drone charging station hardware manufacturer Heisha has unveiled a new dock, V200, that can charge a vertical takeoff and landing drone in 120 minutes.

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Heisha unveils D50 drone-in-a-box charging station for DJI, Autel drones

Autonomous drone charging station hardware manufacturer Heisha has launched its smallest drone dock yet, the D50. The new drone-in-a-box solution is compatible with a wide variety of aircraft that use 2S-4S batteries, such as the DJI Mavic and Phantom drones as well as Autel, Skydio, and Parrot products.

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