Swiss Post to hand over drone delivery operations to California’s Matternet

swiss post Matternet drone delivery switzerland

California-based drone logistics company Matternet, which has been working successfully with Swiss Post since 2017, says it will take over drone delivery operations from Switzerland’s national postal service starting January 1, 2023. In addition, Matternet will leverage its experience from operations in Switzerland to build Europe’s first city-wide drone delivery network.

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Swiss Post’s drone deliveries will resume this month

Swiss Post’s drone delivery program will resume on January 27 after being suspended last May due to crashes. The drones were used to transport medical supplies and samples between two hospitals in less time compared to standard delivery methods.

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Swiss Post halts drone delivery service after second Matternet aircraft crash

After the second crash involving Silicon Valley startup Matternet drones, the Swiss Post has decided to halt their drone delivery service indefinitely. The failure of an emergency parachute to bring the aircraft safely to the ground raises questions about the safety of delivery drones in urban areas.

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