Australian scientists are testing drones to study sharks and to use as a safety device

Australian scientists are testing drones to study sharks and to use as a safety device

In Australia, scientists of the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries are testing drones to learn more about shark behavior and using this technology as a beach safety device. Australia seems to be much further ahead than the US when it comes to using drones to keep beaches safe. The video below shows you some amazing footage of sharks, dolphins, and whales, that was collected during these tests.

Drones to spot sharks

Back in 2015, the NSW Government announced the NSW Shark Management Strategy. This five-year, $16 million AUD investment project is designed to complement the existing Shark Meshing Bather Protection Program. The main objective of the program is to keep beaches and beachgoers safe while minimising harm to sharks or other animals. It is a scientifically driven, integrated strategy that involves several approaches to provide the most effective shark attack mitigation measures at NSW beaches, according to the DPI website.

As we have reported on DroneDJ a number of times, drones can be very effective tools to either spot sharks and to quickly provide safety flotation devices to swimmers ot surfers in need. Currently, the DPI is testing drones and tethered aerial surveillance platforms at a number of beaches in NSW as a form of shark spotting.

Tests have been conducted at Ballina, Lennox Head, Evans Head, Redhead and Kiama. The drones are flown over a two to three-mile circuit over the ocean at an altitude of less than 200 feet and at a speed of 25 mph. An onboard camera provides real-time vision of coastal waters. In the video below you can even see DJI Phantoms being used to spot sharks and to drop of flotation devices.

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