Drones and high temperatures don’t mix — a warning

Drones and high temperature

As temperatures are rising throughout the Southern hemisphere, more drones are hitting the skies to capture the beauty summer has to offer. While you might not be doing anything wrong in the sky, your drone could be struggling due to the high temperatures edging on the limits of the drone and its battery.

A warning to pilots, drones and high temperatures don’t mix

Australia is in for a few 104°F days in the next few weeks, which won’t be good for the technology-packed drones flying around.

While many drone manufacturers have operating temperatures on their websites, we would recommend flying at the limit for no longer than 15 minutes at a time.

From experience, I can share that after flying the Mavic 2 in around 104°F temperatures for 20 minutes, the battery was uncomfortably hot, the motors and camera were too hot to touch as well.

The most dangerous part of the drone getting hot is the lithium-ion battery. Once a Lithium-Ion battery starts to heat up, it gradually expands over time and slowly lets out chemicals and toxic fumes. Eventually, the battery will explode and catch alight, causing your drone to drop out of the sky.

Drone operating temperatures:

  • Skydio 2: 23° to 104°F (-5° to 40°C)

While this is unlikely to happen, the possibility of it happening is real. Just remember to monitor your battery temperature through the app if possible and don’t fly for too long. You can always land it, check the battery, and send it back up if it’s safe to do so.

Along with flying in higher temperatures, be sure to watch out for fires, and don’t fly your drone under any circumstances if you happen to be near an active fire.

What’s the highest or lowest temperature you have flown in? Did it affect your flight at all? Let me know in the comments below.

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