The Pentagon to use drones equipped with nets

Pentagon anti drones nets

The Pentagon is working with Utah-based company Fortem Technologies to introduce its SkyDome anti-drone system into the wild. The drones will allow for rogue drones to be captured that don’t produce a traceable signal that is picked up by the average ant-drone systems.

The new wave of defense drones will be equipped with nets that will be shot at rogue drones to physically remove them from the skies. Current anti-drone systems jam the drone’s signal, forcing it to land. Fortem’s CTO and cofounder Adam Robertson said off-the-shelf consumer drones can easily fly without being detected, making current systems useless.

Innovation is key for an ever-changing threat landscape. Fortem is proud to be a partner of the Department of Defense as our DroneHunter platform, coupled with our SkyDome System, represents the most advanced, effective hunter drone in its class to protect against drone-enabled threats to national security.

The SkyDome system combines standard radar detection systems with drone-hunting drones to allow for the best possible result. The radar part of the system will detect and track the rogue drones in association with a threat engine that monitors various data points including ADS-B, Remote ID, and USS. Virtual perimeters can be set up with custom responses for both in-house and third-party technologies.

DroneHunter drones are sent out once the target is acquired, and the best strategy is devised. Multiple DroneHunters are sent out to the rogue drone and coordinate an attack to take it down as safe as possible. The system is also able to take down drones that are flying too high or too low for regular radar to detect.

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Photo: Fortem Technologies

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