Drone Defense Stories December 7, 2017

The Dutch police started using eagles to intercept drones back in 2016. What initially seemed to be a very successful approach to defense against suspicious unmanned aerial vehicles has now been halted. No longer will eagles be used by law enforcement to take drones out of the skies in the Netherlands.

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Drone Defense Stories December 6, 2017

In our ongoing series of drone killers, called Drone Defense, we now learn that the US Airforce has funded research to study how peregrine falcons approach and target their prey. Many of the raptor’s attack skills may one day be used in creating an effective drone-defense system to help keep soldiers safe.

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Drone Defense Stories October 3, 2017

Armed with radar and a net, the DroneHunter drone will automatically hunt and intercept trespassing drones. This technology has been developed by the start-up called Fortem Technologies. The FAA has forecasted that by 2020 roughly 7 million drones will be sold in the US alone.

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