US Government Stories June 24

DroneShield has delivered its handheld and portable anti-drone products to a US government agency for around $312,000 (AUD $450,000) in hopes of future orders being made for DroneShield’s other various products.

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US Government Stories May 22

COVID-19 is pushing society to get creative with how we do business and use technology. That’s included calls to expand drone use for contact-free deliveries. Now two senators are calling on the FAA to waive rules that slow down development of drone delivery services. expand full story

US Government Stories March 19

A few weeks ago we learned that drones are playing a crucial role in fighting the coronavirus outbreak. For instance, we recently saw the Spanish police using drones to urge people to stay home. But even earlier we saw drones being used in China to quickly spray large areas with disinfectants. Today we’ve learned that the U.S. Department of Defense has no plans to use drones to fight the coronavirus.

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US Government Stories February 10

The ongoing ban of Chinese drones divides the US government, reports the New York Times. Recently, the Department of the Interior grounded its entire fleet of drones out of data security concerns. Other government agencies, however, are more concerned about the impact of a possible all-out ban.

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US Government Stories January 30

Yesterday, DJI already release this statement in reaction to the Department of the Interior’s new drone order. Today the Chinese drone maker elaborates further and explains why the DOI drone order is an “an alarming, politically driven decision that puts lives and property at risk.”

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US Government Stories January 29

Today the U.S. Department of Interior issued an order that basically grounds their entire Chinese-made drone fleet except for in a few special situations such as fire fighting and search and rescue missions. Understandably, DJI is not at all pleased with this order and responds to the U.S. Department of Interior drone order issued the following statement.

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