US Government Stories October 7

The secretary of the US Department of the Interior (DOI) has issued a memo encouraging the purchase of specific US-made drones, including a link to those specific models. It’s the latest in a growing movement toward American-manufactured drones — and away from those made in China.

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US Government Stories August 31

China has added drones and other technology to the country’s revised banned export list in response to the US ban on Chinese tech companies. The ban comes as the US and China continue their trade battle, which seems to be getting worse.

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US Government Stories August 19

Two MQ-9 Reaper drones have reportedly fallen out of the sky after they collided with one another over Syria according to a defense official. The military drones are said to have collided yesterday with the burning drones seen tumbling toward the ground.

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US Government Stories June 24

DroneShield has delivered its handheld and portable anti-drone products to a US government agency for around $312,000 (AUD $450,000) in hopes of future orders being made for DroneShield’s other various products.

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US Government Stories May 22

COVID-19 is pushing society to get creative with how we do business and use technology. That’s included calls to expand drone use for contact-free deliveries. Now two senators are calling on the FAA to waive rules that slow down development of drone delivery services. expand full story

US Government Stories March 19

A few weeks ago we learned that drones are playing a crucial role in fighting the coronavirus outbreak. For instance, we recently saw the Spanish police using drones to urge people to stay home. But even earlier we saw drones being used in China to quickly spray large areas with disinfectants. Today we’ve learned that the U.S. Department of Defense has no plans to use drones to fight the coronavirus.

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