Skyfire, DroneSense partner to facilitate first responder drone use

Skyfire DroneSense drone responder

Specialized UAV consulting firm Skyfire has formed a partnership with drone management and collaboration software specialist DroneSense to offer public safety agencies a range of packages designed to facilitate the launch of first responder small craft programs.

Skyfire said its link-up with DroneSense fuses their common objectives to enhance the ease and effectiveness of public organizations using drones by first responders, or other safety agencies that intervene in emergencies or catastrophes from the skies. The initial result of that, the companies say, is their Drone First Responder (DFR) package – a complete offer helping organizations analyze, prepare for, and navigate the implementation of UAV programs.

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Building on their experience working together on previous projects, Skyfire and DroneSense will interface with the Federal Aviation Administration to accelerate faster regulatory approval of various operations, including BVLOS drone flight in first responder missions.

The partners will also provide appropriate training for both DFR and tactical UAV response to a variety of situations; program site selection; and oversee other aspects involved in creating effective aerial intervention units.

“This partnership with Skyfire was formed from trust, dependability, and experience ­– all things public safety agencies are looking for,” said Mike Mocerino, DroneSense director of sales. “Leveraging their incredible team to help navigate FAA regulations, onboarding and program specific training, on any drone platform, will allow departments and agencies the peace of mind to focus on the communities they serve.”

The pairing combines Skyfire’s long involvement in consulting, training, and providing public safety agencies with the knowledge and hardware they need to operate UAV programs. Earlier this year, the company took its activities a step further by manufacturing its own SF2 drone specially designed for first responder and critical sector users.

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For its part, DroneSense will provide the complete situational awareness capacities its software and other tech products enable.

Conceived specifically for first responder and other public agency drone programs, the company’s tools bring together audio, data, and video feeds allowing all participants in emergency or other critical situations to access the same, complete, real time picture of what’s unfolding , and where all operators and machines are positioned within it. 

“We are thrilled to build upon the already strong relationship with our partners at DroneSense to help pave the way for more DFR programs across the country,” said Matt Sloane, Skyfire CEO. “DFR programs are already proving to be much more efficient for public safety UAS response than traditional programs, and this is just one more step towards faster and easier integration.”

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