Drone Defence’s AeroPing becomes first UK-made remote ID module to get FAA approval

Drone Defence Remote ID

As the September 16 deadline nears for drones to be broadcasting required craft and flight data under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) remote ID rules, UAV tech company Drone Defence says its AeroPing module has become the first UK-made transmitter to be approved for use by the US regulator.

Headquartered in Nottinghamshire, Drone Defence revealed its AeroPing remote ID device had gotten the green light after a long and taxing testing process by the FAA, making it the first UK module of its kind to gain authorization for use in the US. The company says the small, lightweight transponder can be easily attached to craft for broadcasting data required by rules already applicable to most manufacturer UAVs since late last year, and extended to older drones come September.

With the exception of vehicles under 250 grams flown exclusively for recreational purposes, the FAA remote ID rules applicable to all drones starting September 16 will require craft to broadcast the drone’s identification (usually the serial number), location and altitude, velocity, control station position and elevation, time mark, and in some cases, emergency status. 

In announcing AeroPing’s approval for remote ID use in the US, Drone Defence said the increased density of UAV traffic – and attendant awareness of regulators that requiring all craft aloft to be electronically visible and accountable that led to the FAA’s rules – has also moved UK legislators to prepare draft legislation of the same kind.

For that reason, CEO Richard Gill thinks his company is now well positioned to permit pilots to safely and legally fly their craft in both countries when regulations come into force.

“We’re incredibly pleased that our AeroPing module is the first in the UK to have been approved by the FAA,” Gill said. “The FAA approval demonstrates the module’s efficiency and capability of communicating a drone’s location and flight purpose.”

Photo: Drone Defence

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