Fotokite Stories February 19

Tethered drone manufacturer Fotokite has announced the European launch of its Sigma drone solution, aiding first responders. The announcement was made with the help of a video, taking the viewer through some of the use cases of the Sigma tethered drone.

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Fotokite Stories October 22, 2020

Tethered drone maker Fotokite has partnered with French Desautel Group to aid firefighters on the front line with a set of eyes in the sky. The Fotokite drone will be directly integrated into future fire trucks with the ability to add it to current ones as well.

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Fotokite Stories August 26, 2020

Axon and Fotokite have partnered to offer an all-in-one autonomous tethered drone solution for commercial clients. The partnership will allow Axon to introduce an aerial system along with safety tools from Fotokite into its Axon Air program.

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Fotokite Stories May 20, 2020

Fotokite already offers a clever response to two challenges for deploying drones: limited battery life and the need for a certified pilot. And now it’s tackling a third challenge with its new product: How to deploy a drone as quickly as possible in a first responder situation. expand full story

Fotokite Stories April 11, 2018

Switzerland-based drone manufacturer, Fotokite took home the Grand Prize of $1 million in the Genius NY drone competition. Fotokite has developed a tethered unmanned aerial device that can stay in the air indefinitely. Not too long ago, CNN actually obtained FAA approval to fly this drone over people.

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