Kuker-Ranken stages drone tech roadshow for grounded business users

drone tech roadshow

Industrial services and equipment supplier Kuker-Ranken has decided to promote the efficiency and cost reduction attractions of drone-based technologies in a novel way: by teaming up with aircraft and application partners for an educational drone tech roadshow to demonstrate the power of mapping, surveying, maintenance, and other tools in the sky.

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Saudi Arabia vies to become global heavy-lift drone hub

Saudi Arabia is seeking to establish itself as a global center of new drone technology by focusing on development of heavy-lift drone design, production, and operation. The push is being led by the country’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR), in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

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Yamaha Motor begins limited sales of the YMR-08 industrial drone

We first wrote about Yamaha and their agricultural or industrial drones when they were at CES2018 displaying the YMR-01. Today we learn that Yamaha will begin with limited sales of their industrial multi-rotor drone the YMR-08 aimed at agricultural use starting in June of this year in Japan.

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