Anti-COVID-19 drones to find the feverish at South Korean beaches

Drones Sydney beaches COVID

Officials across the globe have used drones in the fight against the pandemic’s spread. South Korea is adding a new weapon to that anti-coronavirus arsenal from above: detecting people with COVID-19-indicating fevers at beaches this summer.

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Snake hunters use infra-red drones to find invasive pythons in Florida’s Everglades

Hunting Burmese pythons in the Floridian Everglades is no easy task. The camouflage of these snakes works so well that they are almost impossible to spot in amid the sawgrass and other swamp vegetation. However, there is a new guy in town that makes spotting pythons much easier and faster and it is a drone outfitted with an infrared thermal camera.

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DJI drones with thermal cameras tested by Hong Kong police elite units

After Police departments in Boston and Los Angeles, Hong Kong is now testing drones outfitted with thermal cameras to fight terrorism, catch bad guys and help with search and rescue operations. The Hong Kong’s elite police squads have recently begun testing with thermal drones. The drones manufactured by DJI, the world’s largest manufacturer of unmanned aircraft vehicles, that recently had its products banned by the US army, were being considered for anti-crime and antiterrorism operations, police officials told the Post. The drones would not be used for surveillance at protests and rallies.

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